Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine reports eight people were indicted, last week, in connection with a drug operation to supply illicit drugs to customers across the country.

The indictments of the owner and employees of Oncore Wholesale in Fairfield County stem from an investigation that reportedly uncovered a large amount of Kratom, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, and nitrous oxide being sold by the company over the Internet.

The Attorney General said that Owner David Surratt Jr. was indicted, Friday, by a Fairfield County Grand Jury on charges alleging trafficking in drugs and harmful intoxicants, trademark counterfeiting, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, and possession or sale of unapproved drugs. Seven Oncore Wholesale employees were indicted on the same charges and an additional charge of conspiracy to commit engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. Those individuals are Sarah Surratt, Adam Haase, Shawn Lewis, David Highben, Amanda Parsons, Kevin Wilt, and Jason Kibler.

According to DeWine, authorities determined that the business made more than $2 million from the illegal sales in 2011, 2012, and 2013.