Paul Thacker helps maintain the Lucy Hayes House, but he also collects early manuscripts and local military history. 

Nathaniel Massie left quite a mark by creating Chillicothe in 1796 in the western wilderness on his own land, and Thacker says two dates - in this month and the next - are an opportunity mark Massie's importance. 

Massie was born 250 years ago, on December 28th, 1763. 

But the other date, 200 years ago, is in question.  Thacker says Massie's replacement gravestone reads "November 13, 1813," but his biographer - Massie's own grandson - wrote November 3rd. 

Massie's grave had been moved from his farm west of Bainbridge, to Chillicothe's Grandview Cemetery...much like Thomas Worthington's, another early famous Chillicothean.   

His death was also mixed up...just like George Washington's, who got the same bad treatment for pneumonia.  They were both bled to death. 

Thacker would like to see gatherings to discuss Massie, that could be compiled into a book to highlight the man who laid out this town in the wilderness in 1796. 

The name Massie should be well-known - Massieville is named after a relative, and an important local grant was stared by his grandson and biographer, banker David Meade Massie. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils 

Paul in the Lucy Hayes House, showing an engraving of Massie and a coin minted the year Massie was born