The Police Chief is off of the job until a disciplinary hearing. 

Chillicothe Law Director Sherri Rutherford says Chief Roger Moore was suspended for "personal reasons." She wouldn't comment further and referred questions to Mayor Jack Everson's office. The mayor is out of town on vacation.

Safety Services Director Mike Green says the situation is a "personnel issue" and confirmed that Moore will be off the job until at least August 1st when Everson returns to work.

"It's between him and the mayor and I think they have to settle it all and get it back where it needs to be," Green said.

He would only confirm that the situation was not connected to an FBI investigation of the police department's handling of an inmate at the Ross County Jail earlier this year. In that case, Matt Mitchell was seriously injured when an officer forcefully took him to the ground while he was still in handcuffs. An internal investigation found no wrongdoing on the part of the officer.

Moore wouldn't comment on the events that led up to him being put on leave. In a phone conversation, he did clarify that he was on paid administrative leave pending a disciplinary hearing and had not been suspended.

"I look forward to an appeal with the civil service commission," he said.

This is just the latest incident in which Moore has made headlines in Chillicothe.

"There has not been any ability or overt action to reign him with regard to his behavior over the last year or two years," said Chillicothe City Councilwoman Alicia Gray.

She was upset that council members weren't notified about the situation until Monday when phone calls from reporters started coming in.

"We've been blindsided by the media and by phone calls and what have you when this took place on Friday," she said.

Until Moore is back on the job, three police captains are heading up the department with Capt. Keith Washburn named acting chief. Moore has been told to have no contact with the police department or show up at police headquarters.