Pat Patrick saw passage of ordinances to merge the Ross County DD buses into city Transit.  

Patrick explains that adding the six Developmental Disabilities buses - three of which cost a dollar each, and the others free - to the city system, means the city can now start to run seven more DD routes. 

She also reported that a weekly test at the city sewage plant led to a surprise that, luckily, no one else noticed.  A week and a half ago on a Thursday, the crew switched to generator power, but when they switched back, they couldn't...and the generators had to run until the next Tuesday. 

She also asked for citizen reports on non-functioning street lights, since they cost the city about $10 a month whether they work or not.  Patrick says the pole number or nearest address can be reported to, or to a council member. 

Auditor Luke Feeney saw the city move "one more step in the right direction" in regards to "fiscal caution." 

Feeney said one-third of the state's concern over the city's finances was satisfied with an ordinance that was passed to take care of the under-funding of the police and fire pension fund.  That was a total of $289,000 moved within the budget. 

Feeney also noted that the current batch of police cruisers is costing the city extra.  He said the V-8s in the souped-up police cruisers are probably the problem in Dodges with front ends designed for V-6s.  They are costing the city about double what the earlier Ford Crown Victorias cost. 

Feeney says the department will probably drop the Dodge Chargers and go back to Fords again. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils