The gist was that the city has gone too long spending nothing on street maintenance, and the downward sprial will get worse if that continues.

Tom Trutschel brought a proposed resolution to the review session, calling for a small 0.2% increase in the city income tax to raise about $1.4 million a year to get the streets back on-track. 

That much money each year will help get the city streets back on track, some of which haven't seen work in 20 years. 

Although higher numbers were suggested, he said he didn't want to push his luck. 

The funds would be dedicated to streets and alleys, and follow a specific plan by city engineer Tom Day. 

The resolution should get a first reading next Monday and be passed in time to be on the fall ballot. 

None of this money would go towards personnel. 

Council also briefly discussed changing their elected terms from two to four years, and staggering the terms.  It's already that way with most cities of the same size. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture