The Commission has authority over all trees that are in the public right-of-way, and also have programs and events about tree planting.  

They had overseen 36 trees planted downtown the previous week, and have 15 to 30 more to do this spring.  

That includes the dying ash trees that had been cut down on Second Street.  The south side of Water Street is next for that operation.  

Commission member Whitey Coates says  their biggest event coming up in Yoctangee Park, on Friday, April 28th - Arbor Day.  

In the council session, they explained the "Harry Banker Golden Leaf Award" that they had received. They are the only tree commission in the state to ever receive it.

The Chillicothe Tree Commission appeared at Chillicothe City Council March 13th to give an annual report and to share an award with Mayor Luke Feeney (far left).  Parks & Recreation Director Bill Bonner is far right.