Ohio Christian University is now a part of the City of Circleville. 

Mike Logan was pleased to see his annexation ordinance pass, since it was mutually agreed to by the city, OCU, and Washington Township, and will benefit everyoe on the east side of Circleville.  

Logan says this will assist OCU immediately...and later, the whole eastern area.

Work on the sewer line extension might start this month.  In the long range, a more permanent system can be built for development in the area. 

Circleville should be getting a new ambulance soon. 

Fire chief Tim Tener explained the need to the Safety Committee.  His number one ambulance is not all that new, being a 2005 with about 56,000 miles on it. 

He wants to replace the oldest, 1999, ambulance...which is a backup that has been pressed into service the last two days.  Tener says it has 53,000 miles on the odometer, but calculating engine idle time comes to about 212,000 miles.   

A sales rep for Horton ambulances hinted at a price increase, so council will probably pass the ordinance for a lease-purchase next session, which was planned for in the budget. 

Tener says the $167,000 Horton Ambulance custom build on a Ford truck chassis will take seven to ten months. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils