The mayor told council that he had asked the Circleville School board to reject the bid from Lighthouse Baptist Church to buy the South Court Street building. 

But the board unanimously accepted the $400,000 offer for the 5.9 acres at the proposed South Court Street Connector, while McIlroy was hoping for a "revenue enhancing development" of the property. 

He said he was hoping for a bigger development of the property, but he says those plans should continue, and he welcomes the church. 

McIlroy says he was harassed for supposedly opposing churches coming into Circleville, but he says that's farthest from the truth, and told the board and church he is at peace with this. 

Council member Tom Spring said he thought the school board wanted to opt for the "bird in hand" instead of waiting for another buyer. 

Council also opted to wait one more session for everything to be completed on contracts for the annexation to allow sewer service to be extended to Ohio Christian University. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils