As a public hospital, Berger Health System asked the city to help with some refi's and new financing. 

Tom Scherer, Vice President of Finance, explains what will be paid off - two old bond issues, including putting the OB wing back in service. 

Seven to eight million dollars of new bonds will be for changing semi-private rooms to private, and revamping the radiology wing. 

Council passed the two complicated ordinances to allow all this. 

A model private room is already available to visit.  The work might be done in 2015. 

Sue Lumley greeted council as the new president of the Downtown Business Association.  The group represents the varied merchants of the historic town center. 

They also have a friendship with Berger and OCU. 

In addition to holding meetings in council chambers 8am the last Thursday of the month, Lumley promises to return to council sessions quarterly. 

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Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils