Council member Todd Brady said council had reinstated a "commuter tax" after a referendum in 2008.  That meant for any Circleville residents who worked in other places where they paid income taxes, this added half again to their tax load. 

But Brady said about half of the city's taxpayers were commuters, and between the economic downturn and many commuters leaving Circleville, the revenue was less than expected. 

So council passed a revision Tuesday night that will be in the spring primary.  It proposes to remove the commuter tax, and raise the income tax on everyone by half a percentage - and hopefully create enough to tackle deterioratred streets. 

The tax will not touch retirement incomes. 

Brady says this ballot issue will also give voters veto power over any further taxes council might propose. 

Over the last cold spell, Circleville had four fires within 24 hours.  No one was killed or hurt. 

The local Red Cross is based in Columbus but has a van at fire station two, and they helped the victims.  But council member Tammy Bowers pointed out another group who helps the other side that struggles with fires. 

"Box 65" is a volunteer organization that assists firefighters with hot fans, Gatorade, hot chocolate, coffee, dry socks, and munchies. 

She says Box 65 assists firefighters all through Pickaway County and is unique to the county, and if you want to help, call the fire department and offer. 

Bowers says most of the fires were caused by electrical heaters and attempts to thaw pipes. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils