Owners of private property anywhere within the boundaries of the Pumpkin Show do not have to pay for the benefits of the event, such as police and trash cleanup. This includes someone who owns a vacant lot and sets up sales there, not on the sidewalk or street. 

Council is considering an ordinance to allow the Show to "insure safe and sanitary conditions" on such properties. 

But service and utilities chair Todd Brady tabled the ordinance last month, to allow more communication with owners - since it was not done before the ordinance came to council.  

The Pumpkin Show is the second week of October. 

Council also passed the 2015 "Tax Budget" after three readings.  The early, draft budget, required by state law, is $20.3 million. 

And, the Finance committee forwarded ordinances to incorporate the 2% street levy passed in May into the budget, and update two other funds. 

Council then went into an executive session in its Committee of the Whole.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils