Mayor Don McIlroy agreed that the passage of the half-percent tax levee is the big news this month.  He says it will allow a 12-year cycle where every street can be attended to. 

But McIlroy says it is also part of overall city improvement, following school construction and parks inprovements. 

He said the voters see a future in the city.  The levee passed by 54%. 

Mayor coached all city officials on the campaign the levee for Roundtown.  He said he would welcome a chat with Chillicothe's mayor on dealing with the First Capital's street funding needs. 

John Ankrom, director of city services, looks forward to the funds that were approved by voters on election day.  He has a couple years to make plans. 

Ankrom says his 2014 budget of $176,000 will take care of only one or two streets.  With a million a year, he can do much more. 

One ordinance in the otherwise unremarkable council agenda is the last part of clearing up the expensive trouble with the Ohio EPA over the water treatment plant that started about five years ago. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils