Efforts are underway locally to get a faith-based youth activitity group started, called "Young Life".

Grady Dalzell is one of the state directors for the group, and says teens have the ability to catch a vision of positive impact for their community

Local organizer Vicky Wissler says they are trying to get funds to hire a local Young Life director, so that person can be ready for the new school year this fall.

Young Life is NOT intended to take young people away from their local church, but to get them plugged-in to a life of faith.

A recent informational meeting at Chillicothe High School was postponed due to bad weather and a future meeting date will be announced soon.

To contact Vicky Wissler, email wiss5@horizonview.net


The link to our local Young Life group for information and donations is: www.rosscounty.younglife.org