COLUMBUS -- You're starting to see trees changing color across Ohio. The northern part of the state is expected to hit peak color this weekend. Central Ohio should peak next weekend and southern Ohio by the end of the month or early November.

"I would say by this weekend and into next weekend we're going to see dramatic changing," said Ohio Department of Natural Resources Fall Color Forester Casey Burdick.

Burdick is expecting bright colors this year thanks to the near perfect weather conditions.

"We had a nice moderate amount of rain throughout the spring and the summer and then the temperatures through September and into October have been great. We've had nice sunny days and cool nights," she said.

Aside from our local Fall Festival of Leaves in Bainbridge next weekend, popular viewing spots include the Hocking Hills in southeastern Ohio. Burdick says if you're looking for something a little less busy you can go just a bit further south to Lake Hope State Park and the Zaleski State Forest.

"My personal favorite, if I had to choose, is probably John Bryan State Park and Clifton Gorge. It's just really, really neat down in there. That's just outside of Dayton," said Burdick.

The state has several events planned throughout the fall at several state parks. They're also asking you to post photos of fall color on Instagram.

Updates on leaves are being posted weekly along with a list of events at