Neil Smith has spent a decade restoring an old fashioned music machine, which he set up behind the food booths at the Ross County Service Center. 

The 1922 version of iHeart Radio was playing concert songs from a paper roll, like a player piano.  He wanted to showcase his labor of love on the giant music box, now back on wheels in a modern trailer. 

Most people would mistakenly call the music maker a calliope, but it's actually a "band organ."  A calliope has metal whistles, while the band organ has wooden pipes, like a church organ...but also a bass drum and cymbals, all driven by an electric motor.   

After being manufactured 91 years ago, and then seeing hard use in a traveling show, Neil Smith bought it in 1994 and spent a decade restoring it. 

He's happy to bring it to events...just look him up in the phone book. 

With all the paper rolls he has, he can "program" the band organ to play about 650 different tunes!  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils..and local heritage