Wendy Gabis created the photographic half of the show.  Based in Jackson, Ohio, she plants her garden to attract many of her models - insects, which she uses a macro lens to capture. 

But for other models, she's more intentional...such as the theme of brightly dressed women posing as dolls in an abandoned house.  She says she enjoys the "conceptual" photography - planning it out and creating it. 

She is also a photographer for-hire.  She can be reached at W G Images at WendyGabis.com and 740 / 577-7776. 

Todd Lenz hails from Springfield, Ohio.  He says he's been doing the intricate Japanese art of paper folding for about 27 years. 

He gave a demonstration of folding paper into a baby sea turtle to the Pump House audience, but was frequently distracted by describing the art.

Lenz says that might involve about 80 folds over about 45 minutes, creating a recognizable animal in the standard way - using only one square sheet of paper, with no cuts or glue. 

He says he's taught a few classes, and enjoys evangelizing the art form.  Todd Lenz can be contacted at<Ogtacular@GMail.com>. 

The show runs until August 30th in the Pump House Center for the Arts

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