Human trafficking is an issue that is apparent throughout the nation, but it's not always easily visible. Take, for example, Ariel Castro, who kidnapped three women and kept them locked in his house for years.


"We have girls who are being trafficked from house to house within our neighborhoods versus on the streets," said Julie Oates, chairperson of the Ross County Coalition to End Human Trafficking and director of the Child Protection Center of Ross County.


She said people who force others into human trafficking aren't necessarily committing the crime randomly: "Many times it's very well thought out, very smart of how they're going to do it, and how they manipulate, ... so it can be any individual."


Oates said another factor that makes it difficult to fight human trafficking is the fact that the victims are often times hesitant to seek help because they are either being threatened or believe they have chose to be in their current situation.


In order to raise local awareness, the Ross County League of Women Voters will hold a presentation on human trafficking by Oates and Melinda Sykes, of the Attorney General's Office. It starts at 7pm, Tuesday, at the RossCountyServiceCenter. It is free to the public.


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