Chillicothe Police Chief Roger Moore has initiated a new program aimed at ridding city neighborhoods of crime and nuisance violations.

"Operation Stand-Up" has already begun and will be targeting specific neighborhoods one at time and in a three-phase process. 

  • Phase 1 will include the identification of a neighborhood that "is suffering the ill effects of drug and criminal activity."
  • Phase 2 encompasses the arrest and/or filing of "criminal charges against those persons or properties that are causing the problem." It will also call for an officer on each watch to provide a police presence 24 hours a day within the targeted area.
  • Phase 3 has a goal of stabilizing the neighborhood, which will include community meetings to establish a block watch of the neighborhood.  

"We've identified a neighborhood that we thought had the highest crime," said Moore. "We assigned a detective division to that area; they've been performing undercover investigations of drug-buys, doing search warrants in a more focused area." 

Moore says the initiative will not call for any additional funding but will instead be a re-focusing effort.