Race Across America isn't just for Americans. For the last 30 years it has drawn attention from all around the world. A race that started in Oceanside California on June 10th for solo riders and June 14th for teams and it will end in Annapolis Maryland.

Some racers can't wait for the end. Guiro loure from Germany said he doesn't think about the miles he's traveled or the miles he still has to go. He just knows that the end is near and if he can make it from time station to time station he'll be happy. Italy, France and teams from England have also joined the race.

Pippa and James Middleton are a part of a British team racing to raise money for child education. Their team drew some attention to East Main Street Thursday night. Their sister Kate, is married to the future King of England. The team rode on by with one racer out front and the rest waving from the van.