A Ross County prison inmate is on “suicide watch” after trying to take his own life Tuesday.

Ross County Sheriff Lavender says the incident occurred at approximately 10:30pm, as his Corrections Staff received information from a prisoner in the jail that another prisoner, Thomas E. Lewis, was attempting to commit suicide.

Corrections Officers were responding to the housing area where Lewis was being held.

Lewis ran out of his cell with a sheet tied around his neck and attached the other end to a rail on a second floor walkway and jumped off.

A prisoner standing near Lewis attempted to restrain Lewis before he jumped, but was unsuccessful.

Several other prisoners standing underneath Lewis were able to catch him and the prisoner standing next to him was able to pull him back up to the walkway.

Corrections Officers upon entering the housing area secured Lewis and immediately called for medical assistance. A Chillicothe Fire Department Squad arrived and transported Lewis to Adena Regional Medical Center, where he was checked and released back to the custody of the Ross County Jail.

The Crisis Center was contacted to conduct a Mental Health Evaluation on Lewis, who has been in jail since last November on charges of burglary, receiving stolen property and impersonating a peace officer. He is being held on $510,000 bond.