The Scioto Valley Bird and Nature Club will be hosting Christopher Kline at 7pm August 25th. Free and open to the public, the meeting is 7pm at the Hopewell Culture National Park visitors center.

Christopher Kline's interest in butterflies began in 1997 when he began tagging Monarch butterflies in Indiana. Since 1997, he has tagged thousands of Monarchs, co-founded the Central Arizona Butterfly Association, and founded the Southwest Monarch Study. He has also served as the Butterfly Specialist at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus, Ohio.

Kline lived in Arizona for 25 years where he worked as a school teacher, butterfly researcher, and a U.S. Geological Survey field biologist. Much of his intimate knowledge of the region comes from hiking its many trails, including a sixty-mile, five-day backpacking trip of the General Crook Trail with his daughter.

Kline's interest in writing started in elementary school, with creative writing and science being his favorite subjects. After studying forestry at Northern Arizona University, many of Kline's work assignments placed him in the outdoors. Over the years he journaled about many of his adventures.

While Kline still enjoys being in the outdoors, his interests have broadened. He now includes, in addition to his botanical interests, butterflies and dragonflies as his objects of attention, including several county record observations in southeast Ohio.

He is also a fiction author. While the characters of the "Tony Spencer Mystery Series" are strictly fictitious, the author draws from many of his personal experiences hiking and camping in the rugged mountains of Arizona to build these suspenseful tales.