Terror in the Hills begins its 7th year at the Walnut Creek Camp Grounds this Saturday.

"We kind of try to play off of your senses, off of your imagination, and off of your worst nightmares," said Michael Hawkins, of the Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Department.

"We have anything and everything from clowns, zombies, ghouls, gargoyles, anything that you can pretty much think of, we've had it."

Hawkins added that the Haunted Trail event serves as a fundraiser: "It comes to our fire department for us to be able to buy equipment, update things, maintain the department, and things like that."

Admission is $7, but Amy Bennett, of Harrison Township Fire and Rescue, said patrons will have the option of buying a "First Kill" pass.

"It means you are the first line; it's like a VIP pass; it's $13 dollars," said Bennett.

Terror in the Hills runs every Saturday in October from dusk until midnight at Walnut Creek Campground in Ross County.