Recycling, changes in city staff, and ex-councilmen were all issues at the Waverly Village Council meeting.

Mayor Greg Kempton met with Rumpke and Pike County Solid Waste to consider participating in a recycling program. Currently, trash is picked up twice a week at the cost of $15.95 per household. This would change with the addition of a recycling service; one run a week will be dedicated to trash and one will be dedicated to recyclables. A great positive to the program is that as much as a 70% reduction in waste will be seen in landfills.

Public Safety reported some personnel changes. Jessica Napier was hired as an Auxiliary Police Officer, and Nancy Steel moved from a full to a part time Police Dispatcher.

Former Councilman, Brett Bevens, Chair of the Zoning Committee Report, was removed from his position at a previous session for having 3 or more unjustifiable excuses for missed meetings. He spoke as a special speaker, attempting to explain that they were excused absences for issues such as illness, work, and school. His case was dismissed unanimously by the committee, and he left stating, "I'll see you all in 2016, when I'm re-elected".