What appeared to be great news a few years ago for the Piketon A-Plant now seems to be drifting way. Recent announcements from the Department of Energy that it is cutting back on clean-up efforts at the plant have all but killed many hopes for a $2-billion-dollar energy development project and hundreds of jobs.

Ohio Congressman Brad Wenstrup has sent a letter to the Secretary of the Department of Energy to suggest that the President visit the site.

"I think we have a case to make from the standpoint that at this particular site there is a revitalization that can take place," said Wenstrup.

"With other sites they're trying to do the D and D on, they're just going to put a fence around them eventually; this is a great opportunity for development in our community and could be the capital of independent American energy."

Wenstrup is urging Ohioans to also write to the Department of Energy Secretary, the President, and Congress concerning the need to clean the site.

Congressman Wenstrup said the loss of 600-700 employees in the clean-up of hazardous materials will prevent any new technology from coming in with many more jobs for southern Ohio.