RELATIONSHIPS: The Number One Cause of Divorce

OK, take a guess  − what is the most common cause of divorce? If you said cheating, you are correct.

According to a study on divorce in America by the Austin Institute, infidelity is the main reason couples call it quits.

Here are the top reasons for divorce, according to the study:

  • Infidelity by either party: 37%
  • Spouse unresponsive to your needs: 32%
  • Grew tired of making a poor match work: 30%
  • Spouse’s immaturity: 30%
  • Emotional abuse: 29%
  • Financial priorities/spending patterns: 24%
  • Alcohol and drug abuse: 23%

Another interesting finding from the study ... Women wanted out of their marriages more than men, with 55 percent saying that they were the ones who wanted a divorce. 42 percent of men admitted that their spouse wanted the marriage to end more than they did. (Glamour)