Bobby Creeped On Colbie Caillat At The Airport

posted by Morgan Huelsman -

Yesterday Bobby was traveling from Los Angeles back to Nashville when he spotted a very famous artist.

Bobby saw a glimpse of Colbie Caillat, the artist who sings two songs you'll definitely reconigze Bubbly and Try. This is where Bobby's borderline creeping came into play... he started posting several videos of her doing every little thing. 

See photos from Bobby's Instagram story below or watch his Instagram story live here. 

colbie 1
colbie 2
colbie 3
colbie 4
colbie 5
colbie 6
colbie 7
colbie 8
colbie 9
colbie 10
colbie 11
colbie 12
colbie 13

And then Bobby kind of felt bad... but not really.

Let's be honest, we all would have been like Bobby in this situation. We LOVE Colbie!