Accused 2015 Murderer of Rebecca Cade Not Guilty

A Chillicothe man accused of murder was acquitted by a Ross County jury after almost 12 hours of deliberation. 

The "Chillicothe Gazette" reports 28-year-old Donnie Couchenour had been charged in the beating and stabbing death of 31-year-old Rebecca Cade. 

Her body was found snagged on an electric company fence in the east side of Chillicothe where she was apparently fleeing her attacker or attackers October of 2015.  

Couchenour's attorney argued that others had the motive and opportunity to kill Cade on the night of the murder. 

Ross County Prosecutor Matt Schmidt said he was very disappointed with the verdict.  

Couchenour was released after spending 18 months in jail. 

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