Nearly Half of Circleville High School Students Take Drug Free Pledge

Students at Circleville High School have pledged to stay away from drugs. 

It's called Club Future and is similar to Ross County's M.A.D.E. Club. M.A.D.E. stands for My Attitude Determines Everything. 

The clubs are student-led organizations where kids volunteer to live drug free by signing up for random drug tests. 

“Each month we have a test. Typically it’s between 12 and 15 students. Approximately 30 percent of our students who are members will be tested throughout the school year,” said Circleville High School Principal, Chris Thornsley.

Students that sign up for the club also receive a membership card which earns discounts at area businesses.

“They may get 10 percent off of a meal or maybe a free small pizza; things like that,” said Thornsley.

Administrators hoped 50 students would sign up, but more than 200 are now members. That's nearly 40 percent of the student population.