Former Paint Creek Fire Board Member Expresses Concern Over Firehouse Sale

A former board member of the Paint Creek Fire District has asked Hillsboro City Council to continue leasing the firehouse to the district instead of selling it to the district.

According to the minutes from the latest Hillsboro City Council session, Steve Karnes referred to ownership of the firehouse as the City’s ace in the hole. He worries that if the city sells the firehouse, it will lose all of its bargaining power and place itself at the mercy of the District. 

Karnes said that if the firehouse is sold to the District and not leased, the District will put pressure on the City to join the District instead of contracting with them. Karnes also worries that if the firehouse is sold, no one will have any idea where the money was spent except for what account it was placed in. 

Council President, Lee Koogler, responded that the city will have some tough decisions as the year progresses, and that they understand the position of monopoly versus free market. He said those matters will be considered once it is time to make a decision.