Two Familiar Names Fill Vacancies on Circleville Council

In Circleville, a new member keeps a familiar name on council and a former member returns to council. 

Jessica Bowers was appointed by Circleville Democrats to fill the seat vacated by Sister Monica Justinger, who stepped down after having to move out of her Fourth Ward. 

As she took the seat for the first time Tuesday evening, she recalled her mom.  Tammy Bowers was an at-large council member until struck down by a stroke a couple months ago. 

Jessica said the role is a blessing and will be a great experience - but she also said she had a dream right after Tammy died, that she was a council member...and then two weeks later, heard that Justinger was stepping down. 

Bowers is a social worker, so she continues the health focus of Justinger - who worked for Berger Health System.  But she admits she must do her research to catch up, and that she is "filling big shoes." 

Her mom's seat has been filled by Bob Bonsonhaver, who returns to council. 

Bonsonhaver was appointed by Circleville Democrats to fill the seat left open by the death of Tammy Bowers, but he says the situation is not how he would like it.  He said her death was devastating to everyone. 

Bonsonhaver said his party wanted someone who would run to stay in the seat after the term ends this year. He returns to an at-large council seat, after losing re-election about six years ago. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture