Soldiers of Downhill Returns to Bainbridge This Weekend

A weekend festival of downhill skateboard and luge returns to Bainbridge this weekend. 

Dan Oliver, founder & owner of Ohio Downhill Skate, says events for the 8th annual 'Soldiers of Downhill' get underway Saturday morning.

"We've got skateboarders and luge riders coming from all around the world," said Oliver. "They'll be skating and riding down Jester Hill Road in Bainbridge. Also we're running a race event. We'll be doing 4-man races in luge as well as skateboard."

Set up for Soldiers of Downhill begins Friday but Dan says the main events will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

"The racing will be taking place on Sunday," said Oliver. "Saturday will be dedicated to what we call a 'free ride day' or 'practice day' where the riders will take turns running down the course, getting used to the ride, and preparing for the race on Sunday."

Soldiers of Downhill is free for spectators. It serves as a fundraiser for the Bainbridge Community Center, which will be offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the event on Saturday and Sunday. 

Camping during the festival is also encouraged.

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