Record Cold Grips Parts Of The U.S.

Arctic air is setting record low temperatures in over two dozen locations in the Northeast and eastern Great Lakes region. 

Saturday morning was the coldest morning of the season in the Northeast.  The record low temperatures are coming as a shock to most of the Northeast after the region just experienced its warmest fall on record. 

Single digit temperatures have been reported as far south as Pennsylvania. Temperatures that are 10 to 20 degrees lower than average are expected tomorrow morning from New England to the Carolinas. 

Friday, five locations in the Upper Midwest had subzero temperatures including International Falls, Minnesota, Pellston, Michigan and Merrill, Wisconsin.

The cold snap is even putting a strain on infrastructure.  Train service was temporarily halted on the Metro-North line in New York because of a broken rail Saturday morning. 

There are also reports that Apple's iPhone X can become unresponsive to touch in extreme cold.  The company says the issue will be addressed in the next software update.   

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