Ross Goes for Jail Renovation Instead of Expansion

The Ross County Commissioners say bids should be awarded soon for renovation work on the county jail. The work is being done on certain parts of the jail after the commissioners determined it would be too costly at this time to construct and operate an expansion of the jail for housing more prisoners.

The increasing inmate population has created more challenges for the sheriff's office and has led to fewer non-violent offenders and prisoners from other jurisdictions being kept in the Ross County Jail.

Commissioners Doug Corcoran, Steve Neal and Dwight Garrett told iHeart Media's Mike Smith in an interview, that the county prosecutor and judges have been working together to try to limit the number of non-violent offenders being jailed, in order to keep space available for those prisoners considered more dangerous to the community. 

Listen to their complete interview on our podcast below, and on the morning of November 26th on the iHeart Communique program.

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