Salvation Army in Need of Red Kettle Volunteers

The Salvation Army is in desperate need of volunteers for its this year's Red Kettle Campaign. 

Salvation Army Corps Officer, Lt. Abraham Garrett, says the charity has experienced a steep drop in the number of people willing to volunteer.

"That's our major fundraiser for the entire year," said Garrett. "Not only toys and food baskets at Christmas, which is a wonderful blessing, but that money also supports what we're able to offer to the community in the way of homeless sheltering, rental assistance, clothing assistance, and coats for kids during the winter; anything that we can offer to fill in the gaps of social service here in Ross County."

The recent decline in volunteer help has forced the organization to make some tough choices when it comes to the services they offer.

"Last year were only able to raise about half of the goal we needed just to maintain services," said Garrett. "We've had a lot of programs in the past and we had to cut several of those just because we didn't have the volunteers we needed to raise those funds."

If you'd like to help by volunteering for this year's Red Kettle Campaign, contact your local Salvation Army branch.

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