Public Meeting in Jackson to Discuss Gas Pipeline

Demonstrations Over Construction Of Gas Pipeline

A public meeting is scheduled Tuesday December 12th concerning plans by pipeline company TransCanada-to construct 64 miles of 36-inch diameterpipe in Vinton, Jackson and Lawrence counties.

Approximately 80% of the pipeline will be within the existing right-of-way corridor and 20% will require new right-of-way, according to TransCanada’s preliminary filings with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The pipeline will connect with the new Columbia Leach Xpress pipeline that was constructed this year between Marshall County, W. Va., and Hocking County, Ohio.

The project has major ramifications for landowners whose properties are located along the existing right-of-way, as well as for those whose property will be crossed for the first time. 

The Columbus law firm of Goldman & Braunstein, leaders in eminent domain, pipeline and easement law, will hold a free informational meeting for landowners impacted by the pipeline at 6pm, December 12th at the Quality Inn at 605 East Main Street in Jackson, Ohio. 

All interested parties are invited to attend.

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