Wrestling: Hillsboro Tops the Cavs

Winning for the Cavs

120 Caleb Lake by fall in 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

152 McKellan Lee by fall in 1 minute and 40 seconds

182 Nick Erslan by major decision 13-5

220 Cole Maxson accepted a forfeit

106: Double Forfeit 

113: Bryce Stanley (HILL) over (CHIL) (For.) 

120: Caleb Lake (CHIL) over Isaac Lewis (HILL) (Fall 2:50) 

126: Wade Remsing (HILL) over (CHIL) (For.) 132: Clifford Coday (HILL) over (CHIL) (For.) 

138: Scottie Eastes (HILL) over (CHIL) (For.)

 145: Double Forfeit 

152: McKellan Lee (CHIL) over Logan Hester (HILL) (Fall 1:40) 

160: Mason Lewis (HILL) over (CHIL) (For.) 

170: Wyatt Wilkin (HILL) over Heaven James (CHIL) (Fall 0:35) 

182: Nick Erslan (CHIL) over Richard Adkins (HILL) (MD 13-5) 

195: Deegan Boris (HILL) over Collin Lindsey (CHIL) (Dec 3-1) 

220: Cole Maxson (CHIL) over (HILL) (For.) 

285: Lane Cluff (HILL) over Nick Colley (CHIL) (Fall 1:30)

Chillicothe Wrestling will compete Thursday December 28th at Zanesville.

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