Pickaway Addiction Coalition Presented to Community

Tuesday evening, Pickaway County showed that it's a large step ahead in the fight against drug addition. 

The "Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition" or PAAC held a community event at Circleville High School, with about 100 in attendance. 

Devin Scribner is the executive director, who explained the group was founded in 2015. They have a 16-member board and 62-member advisory board who represents all sectors of the county, and who gave their input before PAAC was brought out in this event. 

But they already have an excellent resource available, a 16-page handbook created by PAAC with guidance for parents.  Scribner said 5,000 have been printed, but they'e also available as a PDF on their website.  

Pickaway was the only county in Ohio selected by the US Justice Department for assistance with the fight against drugs. 

Find more at DrugFreePickaway.com

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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