Two Resign from Paint Valley School Board

Monday evening, two Paint Valley School Board members said they resigned during the furor over the non-renewal of Basketball Coach Dave Shoemaker in the last board meeting. 

At the end of the session, Nathan Horsley announced he was resigning because of troubling actions by fellow board members.  

He said "I do want to make it clear that it is not due to the non-renewal of Dave Shoemaker.  It is strictly due to the process that members of the board used to reach that decision." 

He was followed by another verbal resignation, by Judy Williamson...though afterward she said might reconsider that. 

Horsely did not want to comment, but Williamson said it wasn't clear that a supposed anonymous letter was among a list of complaints about the coach given to board members. 

Two speakers addressed the School Board.  Both had personal connections to 'Shoe' but gave strong reasons to disagree with the board action. 

Joshua Case said the coach had stood in for his recently deceased dad at senior night.  He said the action was wrong, since it was a conflict of interest if parents vote about someone who coaches their children. 

Bob Armstrong described himself as a former teacher, coach, administrator, Paint Valley native..and brother-in-law to Shoemaker.  He gave a long talk about how board members should behave...and his experience. 

He said it was bad to base a decision on an anonymous letter.  In his experience, he ignored them since they don't have the courage to put their name on an accusation or comment. 

Coach Dave Shoemaker stood calmly in the audience of more than 30. 

An online effort is supporting him with the hash tag "I stand with shoe." 

Listen to some of the comments from those in attendance in our podcast links found below....

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