Ohio EPA Announces Recipients of Statewide Mosquito Control Grants

Aedes aegypti

Nearly $700,000 in EPA grant funding has been awarded to Ohio communities for community health departments and related public entities for mosquito control . 

The funding will help mitigate the spread of mosquito-borne viruses such as Zika, West Nile and La Cross Encephalitis. 

The Ross County Health District will receive nearly $29,000 with the Pike County Health District receiving around $14,000. The Pickaway Health District has been awarded $23,000. The Vinton County Health Department will receive nearly $20,000 and the Hocking County Health Department has been awarded $26,000

Ross, Pickaway, Vinton, and Hocking Counties awarded grants include additional funding for the disposal of scrap tires, which collect water and attract mosquito breeding.

Mosquito control grants will specifically target mosquito surveillance, larval control, adult mosquito control, community outreach and  breeding source reduction. 

The full list of grant recipients can be viewed HERE.

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