Bikers Church Reaches Out With Bike Show & Concert

Chillicothe Bikers' Church is promoting a June 16th Bike Show and Live Concert at Tabernacle Baptist Church. Pastors Chris Brown and Ronald Robinson say the idea is to reach out to those that don't often feel welcomed in the church.

The Bike Show and concert will also feature guest speakers, food and games. The event runs noon-6pm on June 16th.

Pastor Ronald "Foot" Robinson believes the current drug problem in the community is an example of where the church needs to reach out more, and that this problem needs a spiritual solution.

To hear our iHeart Media Communique interview with Brown and Robinson, click our podcast link below...

Performers Event Schedule for the June 16th Bike Show & Concert:

* 12:00 - Pastor Shane Welcome, Prayer of thanks & protection.

* 12:15 - Praise Team session (a call to Joy and celebration of all).

* 1:00 - Pastor Chris Brown (every message offers Baptism).

* 1:30 - United Worship (open praise and worship).

* 2:30 - Pastor Troy Gray (every message offers Baptism).

* 3:00 - Carry the cost (open praise and worship).

* 4:00 - Pastor Foot Robinson (every message offers Baptism).

* 4:30 - Gods Dirt (open praise and worship).

* 5:30 - Pastor Shane Muszall (Offers Baptism closing prayer).

* 6:00 - Fellowship, Clean up, tear down equipment removal

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