Farmers Encouraged to Scout for Frogeye Leaf Spot

Agricultural officials are urging farmers to be on the lookout for a plant disease that looks to be developing in Ohio. OSU Extension's Chris Bruynis said it's called "frogeye leaf spot." 

"The fact that it's here this early, we usually see the greatest benefit if we wait to spray until soybeans are in that R3 stage," said Bruynis. 

He said there have been reports in states south of Ohio of strobilurin-only products being ineffective against frogeye leaf spot. 

"So we need to be cautious not to just depend on a strobilurin product but to probably mix some different fungicides to get a broad-spectrum control on these frogeye leaf spot fields."

Bruynis said he can help you if you are unsure if your soybean crops have been hit by frogeye leaf spot.

"You're welcome to bring soybean leaves to the office, and I can put them under the microscope and we can confirm if it is indeed frogeye leaf spot."

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