Chillicothe Youth to Represent Ohio in National American Miss Pageant

A young Chillicothe resident will be representing Ohio, and Chillicothe, in the National American Miss Pageant in California this November. 

Jordyn Jones, 6, was selected from 69 fellow competitors at the National American Miss Ohio Pageant this past weekend in Columbus. 

Jordyn's mother, Chelsey Walden, says the Princess portion of the state-level pageant wasn't the only win for her daughter.

"There were optional contests," said Walden. "One of the options was casual wear. She won first place in that as well."

(Jordyn displays the outfit that claimed her the win in the optional "Casual Wear" contest)

Jones competed in the Princess segment of the of National American Miss Ohio pageant for children 4 to 6. She'll compete in that same division during the national pageant at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

"She's just so excited to represent the State of Ohio and such a small town as Chillicothe," said Walden. 

"I know that our community is growing and we're getting a lot of new and awesome things in this town, but Chillicothe is where I was born and raised and I think it's great she gets a chance to represent us."

(Jordyn poses with her parents, Chris & Chelsey Walden)

Chelsey talks about how they'll prepare for the national competition.

"We'll have to do a little more training," said Jones. "It's basically the same format as the state pageant; it's just on a national level. We're going to kind of spruce up her formal wear a little bit to something a little bit fancier. We're going to keep the casual wear the same. It was a pretty awesome outfit and she looked adorable in it. We'll do some other pageant prep, spruce up her introduction a little bit and add some hobbies to that."

Since the age of 1, Jordyn has performed well in a variety of pageants from local to state-level. Jordyn is a former 1st and 2nd place winner of the annual Baby Contest for the Feast of the Flowering Moon. She is also a former winner of the Baby Miss Ohio Pageant.

Jordyn will enter 1st grade at Chillicothe Elementary this fall. 

The National American Miss Pageant runs from November 24th to December 1st.

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