Local Cigar Club Makes $5K Donation to Good Sam Food Bank

A local band of cigar aficionados has made a sizable donation to a local food bank to help with the needs of food-insecure families throughout Ross and its surrounding counties.

The Cigar Band Inc. made a $5,000 donation to the Good Sam Food Bank on Thursday, July 12th.

(Pictured above left to right: Cigar Band members, Jim Hesseling & Jeff Marks, Rob Downard of the Good Sam Food Bank, and Cigar Band members Todd Bost and Matt Schmidt)

Funds for the donation were raised during the group's 7th annual Swine & Stogies event, which took place on Friday, May 18th. The event is held each year to benefit the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

Since its inception, the Swine & Stogies event has helped The Cigar Band Inc. raise more than $15,000 for Good Sam. Those donations have provided many meals to Central Ohio families.

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