Massieville Man Indicted in Case of Shaken Baby

A case involving a shaken baby has resulted in the indictment of a Ross County man on charges of Felonious Assault and Endangering Children.

In the first Friday session of a newly selected Ross County Grand Jury, Matthew J. Vulgamore, 21, of Massieville, was indicted on a single third-degree felony count of Attempted Felonious Assault and one count of first-degree misdemeanor Endangering Children.

The indictment stems from an incident that took place on June 15th in which Vulgamore is accused of shaking and tossing a baby.

Deputies with the Ross County Sheriff’s Office had been called to a home at 41 Toad Hollow Road in reference to an assault against a small child. On arrival to the scene, contact was made with the child’s mother who had been visiting friends. One of those friends had been in possession of the child when Vulgamore is alleged to have arrived at the residence, grabbed the child from the friend, and began throwing the child up in the air and shaking it. After witnesses were able to get the baby away from him, Vulgamore is reported to have then fled the scene.

The baby was left crying uncontrollably and blood was witnessed coming from the youngster’s nose. The child was transported to Adena Regional Medical Center and later transferred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. 

Upon his arrest, Vulgamore was initially charged with Attempted Murder, but following a review of the case, that charge was subsequently changed to Attempted Felonious Assault.

Vulgamore could be sentenced to up to 5 years and a $10,000 fine for the felony charge if convicted. He faces 6 months and a fine of up to $1,000 for the misdemeanor.

In total, Friday’s Grand Jury was presented with 21 cases with 20 of them returned; only four were open.

The other open indictments from Friday’s session are:

Jeffrey D. Hallowell, 32, of Chillicothe - Charged with a single fifth-degree felony count of Aggravated Possession of Drugs and a single fourth-degree felony for Receiving Stolen Property.

The charges against Hallowell stem from incidents that took place on two separate dates.

The first took place on March 15th with Chillicothe Police officers responding to 365 East Water Street in regard to a civil matter. While there the officers contacted Hallowell who was found to be wanted on an outstanding warrant. While performing a pat-down during his arrest, Hallowell was found to be in possession of pills which lab results later revealed to be morphine.

The second incident took place on June 24th as a Columbus resident reported a vehicle stolen from her residence. Later that same day, officers in Chillicothe were called to Dicks Sporting Goods in regard to a male slumped over inside of a vehicle parked outside of the store. Upon arrival officers found Hallowell inside the stolen vehicle and he was unable to tell them where he got the car, or from whom he had gotten it.

If convicted, Hallowell faces up to 18 months with a fine of $5,000 for Possession charge, and up to 12 months with a $2,500 fine for the charge of Receiving Stolen Property.

Gregory S. Lovensheimer, 38, of Chillicothe -  Indicted on two counts of third-degree felony Domestic Violence.

The incident took place on June 3rd when a Ross County Sheriff’s Deputy was called to a home at 768 Concord Church Road in reference to a report of disorderly conduct. On arrival at the residence, the deputy was informed by Lovensheimer’s mother and father that their son had become upset that he was not given money to purchase cigarettes and became violent with them.

Lovensheimer is alleged to have struck one of the victims in the arm several times with a closed fist. He is then said to have grabbed a nearby can of pepper spray attached to a set of keys and used it to spray his mother in the face, and his father in the back of the head.

Lovensheimer has a prior conviction for domestic violence from 2004 and a 2011 conviction for domestic menacing, which elevates the charges to the third-degree level. He could be sentenced to up to 5 years and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

James L. Bushatz, 42, of Chillicothe - Indicted on a single second-degree felony for Aggravated Possession of Drugs.

The incident took place on May 11th as a Chillicothe Police Officer received word that Bushatz was driving a gold Chrysler with heroin contained inside. After locating the vehicle near North Sugar Street and East 4th Street, a traffic stop was conducted and a K9 unit alerted to the car. 

While an officer was performing a pat-down on a female subject in Bushatz’s company, the female withdrew a bag containing what, through lab results, turned out to be a 19.56 gram mixture of methamphetamine and fentanyl. Bushatz immediately admitted that the drugs belonged to him and he was subsequently charged.

If found guilty, Bushatz could be sentenced to up to 8 years in prison and a fine of $15,000.

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