Man Charged with Handling a Gun while Intoxicated

The Ross County Sheriff is investigating a Friday night incident where shots were fired, leading to a man being charged with handling a firearm while intoxicated.

Sheriff George Lavender reports that at approximately 9:20pm, his office received a report of shots being fired in the 2200 block of Ragged Ridge Road. Deputies made contact with 42-year-old Chad Warner at a residence at 2260 Ragged Ridge Road. Mr. Warner appeared to deputies to be under the influence of alcohol, and admitted to deputies that he had been drinking. 

He told deputies that he was in the process of moving into the residence and had caught four suspects leaving the residence.  Warner stated that he pursued two suspects on foot and fired multiple rounds with a rifle. Mr. Warner then stated that he pursued two other suspects who left in a vehicle, driving into a cornfield at the end of the driveway. 

Warner stated that he fired multiple rounds into the cornfield with a handgun. Deputies searched the area for the suspects and did not locate any. 

Warner was arrested and charged with Using Weapons While Intoxicated. The investigation into this incident is ongoing and has been turned over to the Detectives Division.

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