Woodcut-Like Art at Pump House for October

Goddesses and Greece are prominent in October's art show at the Pump House.  Kevin Coleman was at the opening Thursday evening. 

Evangelia Philippidis says she developed her detailed woodcut-like style while being an editorial illustrator at the Columbus Dispatch for 22 years.  

She uses the "scratch board" technique where clay is scraped off a board, and then is inked and printed.  She says it was ideal for simple, black-and-white newspaper illustrations. 

Philippidis says she draws on her Greek birthplace, and its myths, with an emphasis on women.

She brings it into the 21st century by scanning and printing copies of the original, sometimes adding color.  Most of her art in the show is on sale through the end of the month. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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