Blood Alley: Chillicothe Makes a Movie Now Available on Amazon Prime

A collaborative effort between an aspiring local film maker and the Chillicothe community is now available on Amazon Prime. 

The 2018 local production of 'Blood Alley: Chillicothe Makes a Movie' was released on Amazon Prime this week, available for purchase or rental. 

The film, spearheaded by Director Marcus McKillip and a local volunteer cast, offers a satirical take on the Zombie Apocalypse genre, featuring separate stories and characters that intersect throughout the film.

"Everything in the film is local," said Mckillip. "From the artists to the make-up artists to the actors, editors, and producers... we're all Chillicothe and Chillicothe natives. That's what makes this Chillicothe Makes a Movie."

Marcus says all you need to watch the film is an Amazon Prime account.

"I think the options are HD and standard on Amazon," said McKillip. "Then you should be able to watch it on your smart phone, your laptop, or your Roku and Apple devices, things like that."

If you don't have Amazon Prime, Marcus says the film can also be purchased on DVD at Apollo Records in downtown Chillicothe.

If you'd like to check out the film, you can find it HERE.

McKillip adds that he has other future projects in the works including a Blood Alley Sequel.

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