Greenfield Man Sentenced for Abandoning Kitten in Ross County

A kitten dumped in Ross County was adopted by its rescuers, and the dumpers were caught.

One of two people accused of abandoning a kitten in Ross County has been sentenced. 

According to the Fayette Regional Humane Society, Brian Hamilton, 44, of Greenfield, was found guilty on a second-degree misdemeanor animal abandonment charge in Chillicothe Municipal Court. He's been ordered to not own any more animals, forfeit any current animals that he owns to the Ross County Humane Society, pay a $50 fine, complete 15 hours of community service, and has been placed on probation for one year.

Fayette County Humane Agents were able to track down Hamilton from a shipping label on a box the kitten was in, which was found in early November under a train trestle on Thrifton Road in Ross County by a family who later adopted it.  

The other defendant in the case, Sharon Bowles, 63, of Greenfield, who told humane agents that they decided not to keep the kitten just after acquiring it from a friend,  has a pretrial hearing on January 7th.

The Ross County Humane Society contracted the Fayette Regional Humane Society in May to provide humane agent services.

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