Strong Showings for 2018 iHeartMedia Blood Drives

We had a strong showing this year for blood donors at our iHeartMedia-sponsored blood drives in 2018.

According to the American Red Cross of South Central Ohio, donors at these drives provided a total of 433 productive units of blood, 25 units more than the original goal of 408. 

The local iHeartMedia Blood Bash drives also brought in 75 first-time donors.

The Red Cross says these 2018 donations have help to save 1,299 lives.


  • Total presenting donors: 463
  • Whole blood units collected: 357
  • Power Red units collected: 76
  • Donors deferred: 58
  • First Time Donors: 75
  • Donors who started donation process but did not complete: 9
  • Total productive units: 433 (goal was 408)
  • Total lives saved: 1,299!! 

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