Scioto River at Piketon, Circleville Exceeding Flood Stage, Warnings Issued

A Flood Warning continues for The Scioto River at Circleville until late Thursday evening.

The normal flood stage for the river at Circleville is 15 feet. It was at 16.9 feet Wednesday morning. The Scioto is expected to continue rising to near 17.1 feet by Wednesday evening. However it is anticipated that the river will fall back below the flood stage by late Thursday evening.

For now, the overflow for the Scioto has caused some minor flooding along Island and Canal roads, and State Route 762. It's also formed some sizable water hazards at Cooks Creek Golf Course.

For the Scioto River at Piketon, the flood stage was at 23.1 Wednesday morning. The normal flood stage is 20 feet. A slight increase of .4 feet is expected by Wednesday evening. Scioto and Camp Creek Townships are experiencing the most significant flooding.

The Flood Warning for the Scioto at Piketon continues until Friday morning.

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